Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Beautiful Thing

I have just received my first Bulk Order today! This is very exciting for me. I am fully stocked on all these items for probably a good 2 years now and the price was 1/2 of what I would pay in stores, other than the Cream of Tartar. It would have cost hundreds of dollars to buy 2.27 kg of Cream of Tartar in the grocery store.

I just have to share what I got;
  • 5 kg  Baking Powder
  • 11.34 kg Baking Soda (This will be great for my cleaning budget)
  • 2.27 kg  Cream of Tartar
  • 12 kg  7 Grain Cereal (This will be used up quickly in multi grain bread)
  • 11.34 kg Old Fashioned Rolled Oats
  • 4.8 kg Small White Navy Beans (There is a ham in the freezer calling your name for canned pork and beans)
  • 10 kg Flax Seed
  • 2.27 kg Cinnamon
  • 2.27 kg Garlic Powder (This is a HUGE amount, but it will last a long time and the price was right!)
  • 20 kg Table Salt
  • 2.27 kg Citric Acid (Which I bought to make cheese, but after looking at the cost of buying the milk, it is cheaper to buy cheese on sale. Huge disappointment! So now maybe we'll make some Bath Fizzers)
  • 4.8 kg Raw Hulled Sunflower Seeds (for our homemade yogurt)
  • 4 - 1 pound pkgs Instant Yeast  
For all of you in The States, there are 2.2 pounds in a kilogram. I actually don't use kg either, but that's the way the packages came.
Oh, by the way, I bought the T.P. from Costco. It was on sale for $14! That is $9 cheaper than our local grocery store.
Now I would like to look into getting some pretty, old fashioned, huge, glass canisters to put all this stuff in. Oh well, that's another day.
God bless.


  1. Where do you purchase all your bulk items? I go through Costco, but am open for new ideas. I use large glass canisters from Target..(I did a post on this), they are not old fashioned, but I love them!!
    Have a blessed vacation!

  2. Hi Shannon. I saw your canisters. I love them!
    A wonderful homeschooling mom from this area puts in an bulk order from a place in British Columbia. She invites a few families to participate. When the order reaches $4000, the shipping is free. But, you are so blessed in the States. I still paid way more than you would. I read on a ladies blog from the States that she bought the 4 pack of salt at Walmart for $0.59! We would be lucky to find it on sale in Canada for $4.00. My bulk order works out to $2.60/4 pack of salt.
    If I ever make it down there, I will stock up on all these sorts of things.
    Have a wonderful day.