Thursday, May 10, 2012

Now That's an Egg!

I love our chickens. For the most part they lay extra large brown eggs. Once a week or so, we get a HUGE egg. These are fun for the kids to get from the barn, then we compare them with the rest. Here is a picture of the eggs we got yesterday.  I was cleaning them and pulling them out of the container the kids collected them in, when I pulled out (what I thought was a huge egg) the egg in the top left of the picture.  Well, the next egg blew me away! It is next to, but lower than the other big one.

Here is the 1st big one on a scale. It seems to be about 90 grams.

Now, here is the really big one. It weighed in at 110 grams!

And this is just a normal, everyday egg. It looks like it is 63 grams. (When I use used egg cartons, they say extra large is 60 grams)

We always sell the big eggs in with the regular ones. I think it must bring smiles to our customers. 


  1. Hi Crystal, thanks for stopping by my blog. I am so anxious to get chickens, hopefully next year! Your eggs are sooo big! I am looking forward to checking out more of your blog.
    Shannon @ fiveappleblossoms

  2. Wow! That is a huge egg! That's incredible!! How exciting :)

  3. It is REALLY BIG! I feel sorry for the chicken though, having to lay that egg.

  4. Those are some over achieving chickens! We love fresh eggs!

  5. I sold the egg in a dozen to a new family that stopped for eggs yesterday. I heard the dad say as he got back into their pickup to his 4 little children, "Look at this big egg"! That brought a smile to my face.
    And welcome to my blog Greg and Donna, Shannon and Emily Fay.