Friday, May 4, 2012

It's a Wrap - Daniel Boone Unit Study Week 12

We did it! We finished our Daniel Boone Unit Study. Today we just finished up on some reading about the rest of his life, wrote a cinquian poem and filled in a summary worksheet.

We wrote our cinquain poems on the  Daniel Boone notebooking sheet. Here are Ben and Rebekah's poems. (Jacob practiced writing "Daniel Boone" on his sheet)

Daniel Boone
By Ben
He fought Shawnee
He hunted elk and deer
Daniel Boone lived in Boonesboro

Daniel Boone
By Rebekah
Wilderness man
Fighting, killing, hunting
Made Boonesborough in Kentucky

Then we filled out the "Amazing Famous Explorers" worksheet I had found on The Old Schoolhouse Magazine's website, but I can not locate the link now.

And that is it!

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  1. I wanted to keep doing it, but it was to much work for her and the boys didn't like it.