Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Blessed Mother's Day

I pray all the mothers out there had a wonderful day today. I really did. My children spoiled me and we had a lovely day together. But then I felt under the weather, as did Rebekah, so we had to lay down early. But that gets boring, so I thought I would post some pictures from my day.

This is the HUGE card Rebekah bought me. I just love it! And I love my awesome kids!

Here is the front of the card, a carnation from church, a dandelion Jacob picked for me, 2 car erasers Jacob gave me, a picture Jacob coloured for me, the cutest chicken recipe card holder Jacob bought for me and a pack of Lindor chocolates Ben gave me. I can't believe my kids bought these things for me while we were in the store together. They are so sneaky hey? Especially Rebekah hiding that card all the way home!

God is so good and gracious to let us have such enjoyment from our children.

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  1. The HUGE card I got was only 30 cents! She loves good deals for presents.