Friday, May 25, 2012

A Week in Review

We have had a wonderful week on our farm. Mostly because we finally found some chickens for sale. We had to drive just over an hour North West of our house to buy them, but it was worth it. We have had to turn people away lately that wanted to buy eggs. I hate that.  So it ended up being  an awesome homeschooling family selling them and I believe the bird business was the two older girls', who were about 14 and 10.  They had hundreds of chickens, and some ducks and turkeys.  Anyway, we bought 11 chickens.

We bought 2 Red Rock Crosses

I am excited about this hen. She is a cross between an Isa brown and leghorn. She should lay lots of brown eggs.

We also got 8 Isa browns. When we got them home, they started fighting with all of our hens we all ready have. Like, lay down your bets, cock fighting! They seem to have it mostly sorted out today, but my older hens seem out of place now. I feel bad for them, but it will all work out soon enough.

Also this week I finally tried my hand at canning homemade baked beans. I got my mom's recipe, which was basically the same as an Amish one I found in one of my cookbooks. Even though my mom hadn't made them for like 30 something years, I still remember how good they were!  They really are that good! I only ended up with 9 pints. Well, 6 canned pints, 2 freezer pints and 1 pint in my tummy. Next time I will make enough for 18 pints. My pressure cooker can only hold 6 pints/5quarts at a time. I am keeping my eyes open for a bigger one at garage sales, but I am very grateful that I even have a pressure cooker.


  1. I can't wait, until we are able to get chickens! We need a coop first. How fun! I hope it all works out and the fighting stops soon :)

    1. Hi Shannon
      There seems to be peace in the farm yard again. It's funny how fast they were able to work it all out. But one of our 1 year old Rhode Island Reds looks like she is dying. It could be from too much fighting or just a coincidence of timing.
      Take care.

  2. Inviting you the Carnival of Home Preserving on my blog today and every Friday. Hope to see you there. Laura Williams’ Musings