Monday, March 31, 2014

Rebekah's 14th Birthday

Our oldest child turned 14 the other day.  I am so happy to see how she is turning into a beautiful, Godly, young woman.  I love to see how God is using her and molding her.

We celebrated Rebekah's birthday by helping at kid's club at our church and having her birthday supper at home.

She has been busy studying her driver's handbook to take her learner's exam. In Alberta you only have to be 14 to get your learners.

Here are a few pictures.


  1. Rebekah is truly a beautiful girl inside and out. Happy birthday, Dear One.

  2. I cannot believe you only have to be 14 to get a learners permit in Alberta. WOW!! That seems way too young. My daughter is turning 16 and going for hers soon and I think that 16 is too young. We are in Ontario.