Monday, February 25, 2013

A Recap of Our Last Week and a Half, Valentine's Day, Family Day and Penpals

It's so nice to feel good again! I have been under the weather for 2 weeks and finally started feeling better.

But there is so much to share, so I will just do a review post, starting with Valentines Day.

We don't really celebrate Valentines Day around here, so when Larry came home with beautiful roses and chocolates, I was very surprised and happy!

Next year I think we might borrow Shannon's idea from Apple Blossoms and make Valentine Hearts with scripture verses about love on them.  I just love that idea!

Then, here in Alberta, we got to celebrate a holiday called, "Family Day". We love this holiday that we get to spend time together and do fun things. 
First, our church had a Family Day Celebration a couple of days before Family Day.  Our youth pastor had a competition between the boys and girls to see who could do the best ice sculpture.

The girls had to make a sculpture of the bible story, "Noah's Ark".

The girls carving out Noah's Ark
The boys had to make a sculpture of the bible story, "Jonah and the Whale".

Here is the inside of the whale and Jacob is "Jonah"
Here are a couple more pictures of our Church Family Day
Then came Family Day. Our town always puts on such a fun day. With free hot dogs, hot chocolate, wagon rides, face painting and ice skating.
Enjoying a horse drawn wagon ride
Our Spidermen
Later that week, Jacob had a dentist appointment in Edmonton and I realized one of Rebekah's pen pals lives in a little town kind of on the way. So, Rebekah contacted her and made plans to go and spend the afternoon at her house.  She was so sweet and I really enjoyed getting to know her family over tea when we got back.
That's not all, but this post is getting too big, so I will stop it here for now. 


  1. Family Day, I love that! We need more of that in America!! So glad you are feeling better. Love the ice sculptures, how fun!! I'm so glad you liked my valentines idea, thanks for mentioning it!

  2. I'm happy to see you are feeling better. It isn't nice to feel under the weather when you have a family to look after.
    Wasn't that so sweet of Larry to buy you roses. I bet it made him feel good to see how happy it made you feel.
    Rebekah and the boys are growing up way too fast, that is for sure.