Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Another Wonderful Birthday

So, it was that time of year again when I turn yet another year older.  As usual, my kids made my day great!

The boys wanted me to open their presents to me first thing in the morning. They painted wooden bird house ornaments and made cards for me. Ben also bought me a gift card to Tim Hortons. He's so thoughtful.

Then we had to get going to violin lessons. After we were done, we went to the dollar store. Rebekah bought me a Mars Bar and Jacob bought me a Caramilk.  When I asked him later if I could eat it, he asked, "Which one did I buy you?" I told him and he told me he ate it! So, he gave me a tootsie roll instead. He is so funny!

Rebekah also painted me a wooden bird house ornament and she and her friend worked all day to make me a beautiful birthday cake.

Rebekah and her friend measuring ingredients

They did such a lovely job.

Later, Larry came home with some balloons, pop and chips. It kind of gave me the idea that we were expecting company, but I didn't say anything.  And while we were eating supper, Larry handed me a jewelry box with a beautiful necklace with heart pendent.
When we were just done with supper, a vehicle pulled into our driveway and our really good friends showed up for a party!  We had lots of fun.  They came bearing gifts too.  They are Mennonites from Mexico and brought us some Mexican beef soup with jalapenos and chocolate cheesecake.
We ate it for lunch the next day. When I opened the can of jalapenos, they smelled so good. So I added a good teaspoon of them to my soup. My mouth was on fire!  I didn't add as many to my second bowl. It was so good and I am so thankful for good friends.

Also, throughout the day my family and friends called to wish me Happy Birthday. I even was completely blessed by a friend who phoned. We hadn't talked much in the last few years and it was SO nice to hear from her.
Thank you to my family and friends for helping me have a wonderful birthday.


  1. Happy belated Birthday, Crystal! Good to read you had a wonderful day!

  2. What a special birthday you had with your family!! The cake is beautiful, great job girls!!

  3. You are so special and I'm happy to see how your family and friends acknowledged that. Happy Birthday Crystal, may your new year be rich with many many more blessings.
    Cake looks beautiful. Boy did the girls do a great job.
    Jacob can be so funny. At least he saved something to give you and yes, Ben is very thoughtful.
    I bet you loved the necklace Larry gave to you to. It is beautiful just like you.

    1. Thank you Mom. I am very blessed for sure! I was quite surprised when Larry gave me the necklace and I do love it. I just don't know what's got into him lately, but I'm not going to complain!

  4. Crystal;
    Happy belated birthday. I love your name.....I named my daughter Crystal! She also home-schools her 3 children. This is my first visit to your blog. I see that you live in Alberta, Canada. We visited Alberta back in 2006 for a church related function. Beautiful area you live in. We live on a farm in West Virginia.
    Your daughter Rebekah did a nice job of decorating your cake, maybe she'll grow up to be a baker! What a beautiful heart pendent. Thank-you for sharing.