Saturday, April 21, 2012

Daniel Boone Unit Study Week 10

I may as well keep posting. I'm on a roll now!  So this week for our unit study I found an amazing website for free lapbook material.  I mean, it is really cool and you have to check it out! The website is They had a lot of things for Daniel Boone, but I only printed off some as kind of an ongoing review. 

Here, you can see the Map of Exploration, Who is Daniel Boone?, The Wilderness Trail, "Ticklicker" his gun and my eggnog latte that I made with some eggnog I had frozen at Christmas because I LOVE eggnog lattes. (Anyway, back to the subject...)

Here are those page elements cut out and glued on the pages.

And here is the "Wilderness Trail" page.

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  1. You are amazing to find all this material on line. Great job. Love today's verse, it's one of my favorite.