Thursday, April 26, 2012

Our Day's Activites

Today was the day we finally started some seeds!! Yay!  I have been waiting and waiting. We usually can't put anything out in our garden until about June 7th and I find if I get just too anxious and start seeds any earlier, they just get all long and leggy and usually die.  SO, this year, I used some self restraint.  Here is the list of what we planted today;
15 Early Girl
14 Manitoba
12 Cherry
  8 Starfire

28 Cauliflower
27 Broccoli
15 Cucumber
10 Ground Cherry (I can't wait to taste these. I'm hoping we can eat them like a fruit)
  6 Dill
  6 Zucchini (I always start squash in the garden, but I can not grow zucchini!!! I know, EVERYONE can grow zucchini. Well, not me.  Hopefully this year.)
Here are the kiddies planting some seeds.

I have been inspired by Crystal over at Homemaking on the Homestead She has been doing a lot of freezer meals.  So, I thought of something we could make for the freezer to enjoy on busy days.  With Larry gone at work,  I find I need little things for the kids and me. So, we made pizza pops.  I just used the recipe for pizza dough that I posted a while back. Then I rolled it out and cut circles. We stuffed them with a mixture of Ragu, shredded mozzarella cheese, diced ham and chopped green peppers. We sealed them shut and cut small slits in the top. I put them on parchment paper lined cookie sheet in the freezer and when they are frozen, I will put them in a ziplock bag. We baked some tonight to try for 20 mins at 375 deg. They were good and great for a quick lunch.

Here is the assembly

And the final product.

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