Saturday, April 21, 2012

Some Goings on Around Here

I finally was able to hang our wash outside to dry today. I have been drying it in our dryer all winter. I'm not as hardy of a stock of a lot of you out there that hang out their wash even in the freezing cold and I didn't have a place for my drying racks inside without driving my hubby nuts! So to compensate, I started using cold water to wash our clothes instead of warm.  Even still, our electric bill went up $900 last year because of rate increases, so outside it is with our clothes!
Also this week I have been making frozen shredded hashbrowns out of some potatoes that were really sprouting from our neighbour.  I used all the directions from this link for frozen shredded hashbrowns (Rebekah taught me how to rename a link! I am so excited to finally know how to do that.) These hasbrowns are SO good. They fry up so crisp in about 2 tbsp of oil, then, just before I flip them, I smear about 2 tbsp of butter all over the top. Our potatoes are so big, that I only needed one to make enough hashbrowns for all of us.

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