Sunday, April 1, 2012

Upcoming Alberta Election

We have an election coming up in Alberta on April 23rd. Usually I would not be that interested. I have always just voted Conservative and never thought much about it. Well, this election has SO much on the line. As I have already written about, the Progressive Conservative Party was pushing a bill that could make it illegal to use the Bible while homeschooling our children. As a christian, I base our education on the Bible and could not do it any other way.

Needless to say I was very happy an election was called. This bill hasn't been put through yet, but if the PC's get back in, it will be passed.

My kids and I had the opportunity to talk to our local candidate for the Wildrose Party, which is a conservative party, and I was very pleased with his answers to my questions. When I asked him about this Bill 2, he said that their party believes the parent has the ultimate right to decide how or what or where their child learns and the government has no business trying to enforce stuff like this.

Considering this is the MAIN issue for us as a christian, homeschooling family, I am not afraid to say that we will be voting Wildrose in this election.

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  1. Good for you Crystal. I'm so proud of you taking a stand like this and to even talk to your local candidate about this issue is teaching your kids, what steps to take in order to stand up for yourself. You should be really proud of yourself to.