Saturday, April 28, 2012

Garage Sale Time (Finally!)

We so enjoy going to garage sales.  Here in Central Alberta the season is short, so we try to get to some while we have a chance.  In our town, garage sale season kicks off with a huge one at the local Legion and it never disappoints us. So, here are a few of the neat things I found today;

I got this outside table, a sprayer, 1 1/2 bags of bark mulch, 2 garden gnomes, metal garden flowers and the awesome sled (that we pull behind our tractor in the winter) all for $9.

All the items below were free. The record is "Perry Como Sings Christmas"

I got the set of 2 cast iron frying pans for $4(so now I have an 8", 9" and 10") And all the things on the top shelf were $2, which included storage containers, 2 mini loaf pans, a little whisk, a liquid measuring cup and a Pampered Chef salad dressing mixer (which is why I bought that box of stuff, because I want to start making big batches of salad dressing to go on the lettuce we will soon be enjoying from our garden). Oh ya, the shelf was $2 for more storage for my canning.

And lastly, I bought this old window frame mirror. I have so many old window frames that I want to make into mirrors and have only made 2, but this one is all done for me. All I have to do is paint it black and it will be done!  And it only cost me $1.

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